Friday, March 03, 2006

Music: A Spike Lee Joint – School Daze soundtrack

Fun Facts:
* During the Be Alone Tonite performance, the black gloves the Gamma Rays wear go from above the elbow to below the elbow and back again in between shots.

* The matching kneepads that Kyme and Tisha Campbell are wearing during Straight and Nappy scene were not part of the original wardrobe. Kyme had a knee injury throughout the shoot and the stylist gave Campbell a kneepad to match.

* Vanessa Williams was originally considered for the role of Jane Toussaint. However, Spike Lee was impressed by Tisha Campbell's singing performance in Little Shop of Horrors that she got the part.

* The fight scene at the end of the fraternity step show was not scripted.

Tracklisting in comments section

A Spike Lee Joint: School Daze Soundtrack


boogie tonight V2 said...

1. Da Butt - E. U.
2. Perfect Match - Tech & The Effx
3. Be Alone Tonight - Rays
4. Straight And Nappy - Jigaboos & Wannabees Chorus
5. One Little Acorn - Kenny Barron & Terence Blanchard
6. I'm Building Me A Home - Tracy Coley/Morehouse College Glee Club
7. I Can Only Be Me - Keith John
8. One Little Acorn (piano solo) - Kenny Barron
9. Be One - Phyllis Hyman
10. Wake Up Suite - Natural Spiritual Orchestra
11. We've Already Said Goodbye (Before We've Said Hello) - Pieces Of A Dream/Portia Griffin/Branford Marsalis

Lilmama said...

Nice, I like it alot. Thanks for sharing this!