Sunday, March 05, 2006

Bombshell: Jermaine Jackson Dishes The Dirt On Michael

Jermaine: Michael 'bought' his kids

Michael Jackson's two older children by ex-wife Debbie Rowe were fathered by a "sperm donor" - not the "natural way" as the pop star has insisted for years, according to his brother Jermaine's 2003 bombshell book proposal.
"My brother purchased children," Jermaine, 51, says in an outline for his never-published tell-all titled Legacy: Surviving the Best and the Worst.

Rowe, the mother of Prince Michael I, who is 9, and Paris, who is almost 8, was paid "several million dollars" to carry the artificially inseminated babies.

"It is like a sanctioned black market," Jermaine said.

Jermaine cattily referred to Rowe as a woman "nobody would ever look twice at" and said the only reason Michael married her was to appease his Muslim pals who do not approve of out-of wedlock pregnancies.

Jermaine offered no explanation for how Michael acquired his third child, 4-year-old Prince Michael II (nicknamed Blanket), whose mother has never been identified.

When Rowe and Jackson divorced in 1999, she signed a confidentiality agreement that barred her from ever discussing the children's "paternity, Michael's mental or physical condition, purported drug use, sexual behavior," according to a 2005 court document.

Rowe is currently battling Michael Jackson for access to her children. She previously surrendered her parental rights in 2001, but won them back in 2004 when a court found improper procedures were followed in the first action. An appellate court recently backed Rowe's parental rights, too. Now a judge will decide what's best for the kids.

(source NY Daily News 3/5/06)

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