Friday, March 24, 2006

Music: Rupee -

Soca fans this one is for you. This is the original version that I happen to purchase off the streets during a summer street fair in NY.

had a summer hit with Tempted To Touch but Atlantic Records never released the cd. It was only released in Japan and renamed One To One.


Tracklisting in comments section

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boogie tonight V2 said...

2. You Never Know
3. Festival Again
4. Uh Oh!
5. Skin II Skin
6. Victory
7. If I Can't
8. If You Only Knew (feat. Destra)
9. Enjoy Yourself (feat. Red Rat)
10. Helpless
11. Hold Me Tight
12. Tempted To Touch
14. Do The Damn Thing (Bonus)
15. Skin II Skin (Bonus) (Drew's Mix)