Thursday, March 02, 2006

Music: Karyn White - Sweet & Sensual (Rare)

This 1995 Japan only release is a complied by Karyn White and her then husband Terry Lewis. Sweet & Sensual serves as a greatest hits cd, since Warner Brothers has yet to put one out state side. Tracks include The Way You Love Me, Superwoman, Romantic, Hungah and Can I Stay With You. Enjoy.

Karyn White – Sweet & Sensual

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boogie tonight V2 said...

1. Facts Of Love
2. The Way You Love Me
3. Secret Rendezvous
4. Superwoman
5. Love On The Line
6. Romantic
7. The Way I Feel About You
8. Tears Of Joy
9. Ritual Of Love
10. One Heart
11. Hungah
12. Simple Pleasures
13. Can I Say With You
14. I'm Your Woman