Saturday, April 01, 2006

Padlocked: NYPD Shuts Down 5 Manhattan Nightclubs

The music stopped at five Manhattan nightclubs Friday night when they were shut down.The closures were part of a nine-month New York Police Department undercover narcotics investigation. Detectives made the rounds just before midnight Friday and ordered the clubs to close immediately.

The clubs, located within blocks of each other, include View on Eighth Avenue, Club Deep (operating as Krash) on West 22nd Street, Avalon on West 20th Street, Splash on West 17th Street were all closed because of the sale of illegal drugs including cocaine, heroin, marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy. Spirit on West 27th Street was also shut down for the sale of illegal drugs, and several incidents of assault and serving alcohol to minors.

Two other clubs were issued restraining orders. Undercover police observed the sale of illegal drugs and prostitution at Club Speed on West 39th. Police say illegal drugs were also being sold at Steel Gym on East 23rd Street. Police say those clubs can remain open as long as they stop the illegal activity, but the clubs that were shut down will stay closed indefinitely.

Hearings will be held later to see if the establishments should lose their club and liquor licenses.

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