Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Music: Skyy - The Anthology (UK)


The Anthology (UK)
Salsoul Records

Tracklisting in comments section


Lilmama said...

Hey Boogie, thanks again. Can't wait for the Skyy. I know Boogie had a a few of their albums on his site, so I trust his and yours judgement when it comes to music! :-)

boogie tonight V2 said...

Disc One

* 1. First Time Around
* 2. Let's Turn It Out
* 3. Fallin' In Love Again
* 4. Disco Dancin'
* 5. High
* 6. Skyzoo
* 7. Love Plane
* 8. Here's To You
* 9. I Can't Get Enough
* 10. Super Love
* 11. Easy
* 12. For The First Time
* 13. When You Touch Me
* 14. Girl In Blue
* 15. Get Into The Beat

Disc Two

* 1. Call Me
* 2. Let's Celebrate
* 3. Won't You Be Mine
* 4. Let Love Shine
* 5. Bad Boy
* 6. Married Man
* 7. Questions No Answers
* 8. Now That We Found Love
* 9. Hey Girl
* 10. Show Me The Way
* 11. Swing It
* 12. Because Of You
* 13. Dancin' To Be Dancin'
* 14. Love Is Blind
* 15. Slow Motion

Evelyn said...

Hey - I'm Larry Greenberg's wife. I met him about ten years after his involvement in Skyy ended, and my taste in music at that time was a lot different, so I really knew nothing about the band. Around Father's day, we decided to surprise him with some of his old music, started searching on Blogger and found a few fan sites. Larry had pretty much put all of that behind him for years and years and did not even have a CD of his own music. To make a long story short, most of the band has reconnected after twenty-something years, and is planning a reunion luncheon for themselves. And Larry and Booche have rekindled their friendship, which is a really, really nice thing. I just wanted to say thanks to sites like this that help keep the music alive!

ababoypart2 said...

Ho can I get my hands on Skyy's Married man track. I cant find it on the net to buy. Any ideas please?

J said...

Skyy is dope