Monday, April 17, 2006

Music: The Return of THE BRAND NEW HEAVIES

N'Dea Davenport Rejoins Band for Summer Release

New York, NY (April 10, 2006)- Trend-setting British based soul outfit, The Brand New Heavies have re-united with their original lead singer N'Dea Davenport and their original label Delicious Vinyl, and are set for a June 27th, 2006 release of a new studio album, Get Used To It. The album skillfully blends the classic live funk and soul sound that was the signature of the group when they came out with their stunning debut album 15 years ago. Recorded and produced in New York and London, the album will be available simultaneously at Starbucks Company-operated locations in the U.S. and Canada as well as traditional retail.

After pursuing a solo career, the return of N'Dea Davenport (with whom the band created their debut self titled album and follow up Brother Sister in the early/mid 90s) is creating a major stir amongst The Brand New Heavies fans. Get Used To It is full of Davenport's stunning vocal prowess and the band's funky live jamming that intertwine into the perfect blend that Heavies fans have been craving since their premature parting.

The Brand New Heavies were born out of the rare groove scene and formed in the late eighties by drummer/keyboard player Jan Kincaid, bassist Andrew Love Levy and guitarist Simon Bartholomew. As pioneers of the London acid jazz scene, their groundbreaking alternative sound has garnered commercial and critical acclaim worldwide.

N'Dea Davenport originated out of Atlanta, then onto LA where she emerged from the downtown art and musical community. N'Dea's notoriety came swiftly by collaborating with varied artists in Hip hop, pop, rock and soul before joining TBNH-forever shaping her diversity of life, style and musical taste.

Starting out as a groundbreaking West Coast label that developed a string of rap and R&B artists, Delicious Vinyl was co-founded by Michael Ross and is responsible for some of rap's first true crossover successes including Tone Loc, Young M.C, and the Pharcyde. Ross signed The Brand New Heavies in '92 and handpicked Davenport as lead vocalist, which not only diversified the label, but also led to the creation of a great international live soul band.

"Obviously I'm very excited to be working with the band again," says Delicious Vinyl Co-Founder Michael Ross. "The Brand New Heavies with N'Dea are like a dream team. Like any great band they all play an important role, and the sum of the parts is cool music. The new record puts them right back in the pocket of where they left off."

"With their classic sound, The Brand New Heavies have always been musical trendsetters," explains Ken Lombard, President, Starbucks Entertainment. "When we heard that the band was reuniting with a national new release this summer, we were excited to have to opportunity to offer the album to our customers."

In support of the upcoming album, The Brand New Heavies are gearing up for a U.S. promo tour, performing at The Bowery Ballroom in New York and The Roxy in Los Angeles in early May; this will be followed by a 25 date nationwide tour in July and August.


EtienneEvolution said...

Yeah I'm definitely lookin 4ward to hearing new material from them as well

Britney Davis said...


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