Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Music: Digital Black from Playa - Memoirs of a R&B Thug

Digital Black from Playa is the embodiment of Kentucky soul. Digital Black is pushing R&B in a whole new direction. "My sound comes from the heart. Its old school and emotional yet still ghetto, "says Digital Black."It's about knowing which parts need harmonies and which parts don't. Or you might need to sing one line really, really soft and blow up on the next line. I write my songs so I know exactly how they should sound."

Digital Black had begun to make a name for himself when he wrote Ginuwine's number one hit, So Anxious and he has also worked with the late Aaliyah, Missy Elliot, Timbaland, Al Green, David Hollister, Tweet, Nicole Ray, Tank, Gerald Levert, Jodeci, Jo Jo, Toni Braxton and a host of producers such as Dr. Dre, Jazzy Pha, Kanye West, Seven, Scott Storch and Stevie J. "I think he brings a spiritual soul back to R&B that has been missing for the past decade or so. It's rare to see a solo artist that is as vocally solid and talented as Digital Black," said the late Aaliyah.

"My styles are also influenced by older people," says Digital Black. "Donnie Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Smokey Robinson, & Charlie Wilson" Digital Black's real strength is his versatility. From one track to another, the album moves easily from lover's jam to party ruckus. There is nothing this young man can't do. With style, flair and down-home flavor, Digital Black is bringing on the next wave of soul. People get ready and let the music speak for its self.

Digital Black - Memoirs of a R&B Thug features Aaliyah, Jazze Pha, Smokey and Static from Playa. Enjoy.

Digital Black Memoirs Of A R&B Thug

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boogie tonight V2 said...

1. Set It Up featuring Static and Jazzy Pha
2. Meet Me featuring Clientel
3. Playa Play On featuring Cliental
4. Ain't Nothing Wrong
5. Ride for Me featuring Playa
6. Halfway
7. Don't Think They Know featuring Alliyah
8. N Ya Life
9. I'm A G featuring Jazzy Pha
10. Wanna Go Back
11. Messed Around
12. House is Not a Home
13. Fell N Luv
14. Thugging My Way Through Featuring Goodfella
15. Same Thang Yall Do
16. Can't Turn Back Now Featuring Native
17. Lust Featuring Playa (Bonus Track)

Adickuit said...

Oh shit...has this info been officially released by his label...I'm just in awe...I'm such a big fan of Black, Static, and especially Smokey...just curious who r you...and how recent is this article or is this something you've done as a writer...anyway its good, other than the fact you or someone has butchered Babygirl's name too many times...its AALIYAH: The Highest,Most Exalted One; The Best~