Friday, February 10, 2006

Music: ABSOLUT TRACKS - Lenny Kravitz

ABSOLUT recently launched ABSOLUT KRAVITZ – a new music project which sees Lenny Kravitz creating an exclusive new track based on his interpretation of the ABSOLUT brand. Famous for its creative collaborations with leading world-famous artists and designers, this collaboration marks the first time Absolut has worked with such a well-known figure from the world of music.

ABSOLUT KRAVITZ is the first project that has seen ABSOLUT teaming up with an internationally recognised recording artist. Lenny Kravitz joins the long list of talented individuals – Andy Warhol, Gianni Versace, Damien Hirst and Helmut Lang among them – who have collaborated with ABSOLUT to create exclusive new works.

Kravitz recorded a new song entitled Breathe , which will be featured in the campaign. Although this collaboration marks Absolut’s first collaboration with a musician, the brief given to Kravitz was exactly the same as the one any world –class artist working with the brand would receive: present your personal interpretation of Absolut and its core values. The result is a track that is a transition from Kravitz’s traditional rock and roll to a distinctly dance music sound, with minimal lyrics, a memorable melody and pulsating beat.

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