Sunday, April 22, 2007

Music: Armand Van Helden - I Like Making Sex Records

Armand Van Helden's latest album Ghettoblaster as the name suggests will take you on a ride back to the roots of dance music. Says Armand, "On this album I was going for a retro throwback 1985-89 soul up-tempo urban type sound. Chicago meets Miami meets New York City kind of thing. Or to put it differently, house meets freestyle meets hip-house meets club meets new wave."

Armand Van Helden seems to want people to remember, or attempt to experience, what it was like before "underground" dance music became a mainstream kind of thing; tie-ing together all of the attempts at retro sound that has been pumping out of the clubs lately. "The snare sounds Prince used, the keyboards from Expose and those old 808 drums, I've noticed them coming back. I keep my ear to the street."

"I’m not fascinated by intelligence, I don’t get a kick out of minimal techno. I don’t want my music to be intelligent. I like making sex records."
This time around, guests include Fat Joe, Will ‘Tha Wiz’ Lemay, BL, Kudu, George Llanes, as well as vocalists Nicole Roux, Majida. The current single Touch Your Toes featuring Fat Joe & BL, is out now on vinyl and iTunes.

Armand Van Helden
Southern Fried/Ultra Records

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