Monday, January 16, 2006

Rumor: Janet Jackson Forthcoming Tracklist

Apparently there's copies in the hands of big executives in the industry. The only thing leaked was the tracklisting. A lot of the songs have yet to be mastered, and information was kept guarded regarding tracks toward the end. Nothing has been set in stone. Once Virgin gives her the green light, she'll officially stop recording. Recording sessions (through 03 February 05 - 04 January 06) are currently over, but pending in case of conflicts of interest. Enjoy the return of Janet !

Working Title: The Lesson Plan, 101

1. The Bell (Introduction)
2. Janet's Workout Plan (Practice Makes Perfect) featuring Kanye West & John Legend (produced by Kanye West - Written J. Jackson, K. West, J. Stephens)
3. Make The Drums Go (produced by Kwame - Written J. Jackson, S. Garrett, Bryan M. Cox)
4. Pay Attention (Interlude)
5. Treating Me The Way You Do (Make Me Love Someone Else) featuring Ludacris w/ additional vocals by Snoop Dogg (produced by Dr. Dre)
6. Speed It Up (Let Yourself Go) (Written R. Harrison, J. Jackson)
7. A Story About Control (Interlude)
8. Now I'm All Grown Up (Produced by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis)
9. What You Said (Produced by Andre Harris & Vidal Davis - Written A. Harris, V. Davis, J. Jackson, S. Garrett)
10. No Interruptions (Produced by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis)
11. Miss Jackson (Produced by Neptunes - Written P. Williams, C. Hugo)
12. Blacklisted (Interlude)
13. Shame On You (Produced by Kwame - Written J. Jackson, J. Dupri, Bryan M. Cox)
14. Study Hall (Interlude)
15. Four Play (produced by R.Kelly - Written R. Kelly)
16. Wet (Produced by Kwame)
17. Progress featuring Eve (produced by Dr. Dre - Written J. Jackson, Eve, A. Young, S. Garrett)
18. Industry (Interlude)
19. Don't Call It A Comeback
20. Cocky
21. Plan B (Produced by Static - Written J. Jackson, S. Garrett)

Jimmy Jam revealed that Janet's album is scheduled for an April release, and the first single will hit radio "in about a month."

Jimmy Jam promises that the set will boast a small tribute to Jackson's 1986 effort, Control. "It's a milestone year for us and for the collaboration," Jam tells "It'll be 20 years since the release of Control, so there's definitely a little bit of a nod to that on the new album."

Some of the album was recorded at Jackson boyfriend Jermaine Dupri's studio. Dupri, who is president of Virgin Urban, is also executive producer of the album.

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